Vibration Therapy

Adapted from human sports medicine and rehabilitation, whole body vibration therapy has been used to stimulate blood circulation and provides both physical training and a massage at once. The result is a notable improvement in blood circulation, especially in the legs. It can be used for maintenance, training and injury prevention or rehabilitation, and has shown to shorten recovery times in soft tissue, bone and hoof problems as well as helping prevent colic, which makes it very useful in the treatment of horses on stall rest. It is especially successful with suspensory injuries and has had some promising results with navicular disease and even laminitis. Preliminary veterinary research shows it to also increase bone density and improves back musculature as well as improving hoof quality. Clinically it helps with muscle and joint soreness and makes the horses looser and more supple. It is non-invasive, very safe, and easy to integrate into any daily training routine.