Training Center

We are fortunate to be located within the Fair Hill Training Center which allows us access to the facilities and benefits that this unsurpassed training center offers. This enables us to take the conditioning of your horse to whatever level you require before returning to your trainer.

The Fair Hill Training Center has two unique racetracks, A one-mile Dirt Track and a 7/8 mile Tapeta/Synthetic surface. We have customized our maintenance with up to date equipment to ensure the best possible track conditions at all times. In addition, we have access to a 1-mile turf course that is about to undergo a complete renovation.

The Training Center is situated on 350 acres of rolling hills in the Mid-Atlantic's lush countryside and offers the finest in year-round amenities and access to 3500 acres of state park with miles of trails and areas to train away from the track.

Whether or not your horse is returning from an injury or just from a rest we can customize a conditioning program to suit your needs.

In our opinion, the Fair Hill Training Center's mission statement encapsulates perfectly what this unsurpassed Training Center has become:

'To provide a full service, year-round training center within a sustainable budget in a safe, natural environment, utilizing multiple surfaces to optimize racing performance nationwide. We strive to be the most innovative racehorse Training Center in North America providing unsurpassed facilities to maximize performance and soundness of the equine athlete'.



  • 1 mile conventional dirt track
  • 7/8ths mile Tapeta Track
  • 1 mile Turf Track (Currently under renovation)
  • Professional Starting Gate crew
  • 3500 acres of trails and grass gallops.