Electromagnetic P3 Therapy

P3 or Pulsed, Peak, Performance is an effective, non-invasive therapy. P3 restores missing electrical charges to damaged cells, allowing cells to re-attain their natural electrical charge. The deep stimulation opens the lymphatic system and allows the body to transport waste products out of the tissues thus relieving soreness. It is a very deep massage that helps increase blood circulation to the areas being treated.

The P3 is based on the concept that electric impulses are vital to life and life processes. This concept is neither new nor well defined. Research of varying types of electrical therapies has provided a host of positive, if inconsistent, results. While there is now a common belief in the benefits of electrical stimulation, the questions of "at what frequencies are there biological influences" and "is it at an intramuscular or cellular level" still stand. Nobody knows exactly how the P3 has produced the incredible results witnessed by many top equine veterinarians and trainers across the country, but we have a good working theory. With its unique capacitor, the P3 delivers a revolving spectrum of bio-frequencies with the idea that it is delivering a metabolic buffet with every pulse. With every cycle there is a frequency wave that is appropriate for each individual tissue, stimulating and heightening its function as well as those of surrounding tissues. Healing, a multi-tissue function in any case, is accelerated because each tissue involved, and each bio-function, is stimulated as a systemic whole.

  • Benefits of P3 Therapy Include:

  • • Relief of back and gluteal muscle soreness
  • • Muscle strain
  • • Tendon and ligament problems
  • • Joint stiffness
  • • Increased circulation
  • • Stimulation of hoof growth
  • • Wound healing and reduction of scarring

"The P3 unit has become one of our most popular pieces of equipment. Trainers and owners request P3 therapy on a regular basis for all kinds of maladies. Whether the origin is primary or secondary, we are able to reduce or eliminate the muscle soreness of the back, croup and hamstring. In some cases, it provides temporary relief and others long-term benefits. Over the back, hips and hamstrings the deep muscle massage action along with electromagnetic stimulation of the large muscle groups provide relief of the muscle soreness." - Dr. Alan Donnell, DVM

"Since I started using the P3, during the past 2 years, I have injected less than 6 horses for sacroiliac pain. Before that, I was injecting all the time. The P3 is a much more desirable alternative: the pain relief lasts 3 to 4 times as long as an injection of the shock wave, is cheaper, and non invasive." - Dr. Keith Merritt DVM